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Barbieux Park

In 1859, Henri-Léon Lisot imagined replacing the hilly terrain of an embryonic canal with an urban park. Work began in 1878 and lasted until 1921.

The Villa Cavrois

an architectural manifesto, the Villa Cavrois is the emblematic work of architect Robert Mallet-Stevens, a figure of the modernist movement

The Coliseum

The largest theater after those in Paris. In 1927, Jean Deconinck, owner of the Fresnoy cinema in Tourcoing, decided to create the Colisée.
The success of Le Fresnoy encouraged him to offer the teeming Epeule district its own cinema.

La Piscine

Museum of Art and Industry in Roubaix, reopened its doors in October 2018. With more than 2,000 additional square meters, the new spaces dedicated to the History of Roubaix, sculpture, the Roubaix Group, temporary exhibitions, and young audiences have historically enriched the visitors' journey and the servicesservices offered by the museum.

La Condition Publique

Third place, witness of the industrial history, abandoned then rehabilitated by becoming a creative laboratory in a heritage space. Taking full advantage of its architecture and its social and industrial heritage, it hosts about twenty structures in the cultural, artistic or social field in the former laboratories.
Its monumental halls host major events, concerts or construction workshops.